Monday, June 11, 2012

New Years Eve!

 We had a fun family New Years Eve party at out house.  We had tons of yummy food and the kids all had fun running around palying.  The cousins have so much fun together, it is always fun to have everyone over.  At midnight the kids, who were all still going strong, went out and banged pots and pans like crazy animals.  The party finally wound down about 12:30 but the kids were still going strong!  That is the magic of sugar!

Christmas Day!

 I am SO far behind on this blog, that I am updating this post 6 months after Christmas.  That is crazy.  The crazier part is that it is almost Christmas again, so that is EXCITING.  I love Christmas.  What I love most about it is seeing how excited the kids to get that one thing that they wanted SO BAD!  Of course, sometimes their requests are so $$ that it can't happen, but when we can get them something fun I think I am as excited as they are.  This year the kids couldn't even think of what they wanted for the most part.  Spoiled kiddos.  But Coren for SURE wanted a giant Lego set.  I was also SO excited to get Kenna her own laptop.  She had no idea it was coming. 

We started out the day at Little America for breakfast with Grandpa Johns (forgot my dang camera) and then hung out at home the rest of the day.  The kids played and played and were all SO happy with what they got.  Now...I guess I better start thinking about what to get them this year!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Christmas Eve

Ever since I knew that my Mom wouldn't live a long life, I started to dread Christmas time and other holidays.  She always made them so special and I just wasn't sure how it would be without her.  As Christmas Eve started to draw near I got very sad.  We didn't have any family to be around and we kind of felt lost as to what we should do that day.  I tired to go and see my Grandparents but it just didn't work out, becuase they kind of suck! and so we were on our own.  I really wanted to see my Mom, and so the best we could do was the cemetery.  The kids made her some cute little things, and Makenna had come up and brought her something with Travis.  It was so sad being without Kenna for that day.  After the cemetery we went to the temple to see the lights.  It was fun, and something different.  We found the best hot chocolate there, so that helped with the extreme cold.

When we got home some of the neighbors had lined the streets with candles, it looked so cool.  My camera sucks so I couldn't capture it, but it was so nice and really helped me feel happy!  Hopefully next year will be better.  I am grateful for the family that I have, and that I was able to be with, it just felt empty!


This year I wanted the kids to have a chance to serve others.  We are pretty spoiled people.  We came accross a great oppurtunity, and the kids were able to assemble 100 gift bags for kids in need.  It was like a stocking stuffer.  I had them do it 100% on their own and they amazed me.  They never complained and they got a great little system down for filling the bags.  It seemed like it really helped to get them into the Christmas spirit, and teach them about just how lucky they really are.  I hope that we can do things like this more often for those in need. 


If you would have EVER told me that I was going to have a 13 year old, I would have laughed.  Even just a few years ago.  I can't even handle it.  How did my cute little baby girl get so big.  It happened in the blink of an eye.  Luckily, she has turned out to be just AMAZING!  She is beautiful, too funny for her own good, smart, talented, sweet, mature, caring, and holds such a special place in my heart.  Speaking of hearts hers is so special.  She has so much good in her.  I am just so proud to be her Mom.  Happy birthday Kenna.  Please quit getting older, I can't take it!  I love you!!

Lillt Cooker!

I feel like every day he is making something new, and all on his own.  I hope he keeps it up, I love it!  This time it was muffins, and as usually they were great.  He is so funny!